The Launch of Addinor

Aligned with our unwavering commitment to innovation, we are thrilled to introduce Addinor, our latest venture specializing in additive manufacturing solutions. Addinor marks an expansion of PLM Groups 3D Printing business, offering advanced technology and expertise to empower businesses to unlock new possibilities in additive manufacturing.

Your trusted guide
Our aim is to bring clarity to the distinction between the software and hardware aspects of our business, streamlining interactions for your convenience.

Addinor will seamlessly continue the legacy of our 3D Printing Business within PLM Group, ensuring a smooth transition to a new brand for all customers who have relied on our expertise and capabilities in additive manufacturing. Most importantly, this introduction of a new brand will invigorate the efficiency and creativity of our 3D Printing team, enabling them to push boundaries, innovate, and unearth the untapped potential of additive manufacturing.

Rest assured, PLM Group will continue to stand by your side as your trusted innovation partner.

And for our valued 3D Printing customers, fear not! You’ll still have access to the same dedicated team of 3D experts, the familiar products, and the reliable services you’ve come to rely on.

What’s next?
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We’ve prepared something special for you to learn more about Addinor. Christoffer Wester, our Sales Manager has created a video where he shares some of our latest business highlights and introduce Addinor for you.

It’s important to note that we are not creating a new legal entity; rather, we are introducing a new brand only. All our legal units in every country will remain unchanged and invoicing remains the same. We will keep our current offices and still share office space with PLM Group.