Person standing by a machine by Postprocess Technologies.

PLM Group expands offering in 3D print postprocessing

PLM Group has partnered with PostProcess Technologies, a provider of automated 3D print postprocessing solutions. The partnership means that PLM Group is now offering efficient, easy to use, postprocessing solutions for resin and wax removal, support removal, surface finishing in the Nordic region.

Automated 3D print postprocessing that allows you to scale

As 3D printing users are producing higher volumes, they inevitably face the challenge of manual postprocessing, regardless if they use FDM, SLA, MJF or any other technology. Eliminating these bottlenecks is key to a friction-free 3D print workflow that delivers on time and that can grow with your needs.

Another challenge is cleaning SLA and DLP printed parts. This is know to be both messy and cumbersome. Performing resin removal using traditional, manual methods and using generic solvents such as Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is time-consuming. It is also prone to give you inconsistent results and creates an environmental concern in manufacturing facilities. It is also difficult to scale for resin-based 3D printing with these traditional post-processing techniques.

Using an advanced and automated postprocessing solution for resin or support removal will provide value to you as a user, regardless of volumes. An automated postprocessing solution enables higher throughput, quality, consistency, and sustainability in your additive manufacturing operations.

Safe, long-lasting chemistry for cleaning 3D printed parts

All of PostProcess Technologies’ chemicals have been designed with careful consideration of safety and handling. They also utilize low concentrations of several conventional chemicals. The detergent longevity offers high resin capacity. This means less downtime for detergent replacement, as well as reduced waste and disposal, which saves you time and money. The chemical longevity beats IPA solutions by cleaning 5x as many parts before reaching saturation.

The proprietary formulation offers low volatility and low odor. Their detergent is user-friendly and provides for a safer work environment compared to common solvent IPA. It has much lower vapor pressure and higher flashpoint and no requirement for an explosion-proof environment.

Availability and demo

The new partnership brings PostProcess’ technology to the Nordic, Baltic, and Iceland markets. PLM Group will provide local access and support to the full range of comprehensive solutions for post-processing 3D printed parts. Learn more about PostProcessing Technologies on our website.

The PostProcess Technologies’ solution DEMI 830, for automated resin removal, has just been installed at the PLM Group Innovation Center in Swedish Värnamo. Get in touch with us to learn more or book a demo of the solution.